The Coaches Basketball Academy, or CBA, is an off- season basketball club dedicated to improving the game of basketball by supporting the athletic and academic goals of our youth.


We surround players with coaches who have a vast knowledge of basketball skills and strategies,  as well as having the ability to communicate these skills and concepts to the players.  Most of our coaches coach, or have coached, in either high school or the college level.  Several have also played at the college level.  In our minds, it is important to surround our players with individuals who can teach, not just individuals who used to play.


We want our athletes to be the best basketball players they can be.  We place a great deal of emphasis on practices- developing fundamentals and improving each players skill set.  Our practices are designed to give each and every player the opportunity to get better.  We practice anywhere from 24-34 times a season.  Before you complete the house, you must construct the foundation.


We want our athletes to improve their opportunities for success in coming years.  We have a sincere interest in helping each participant reach for their goals and or potential.  We will not promise or guarentee a scholarship like some programs do, but we will promise that through hard work and going about things the right way, each player will be a more valuable asset to the team they will play on in the following year.  


We will use basketball to teach life lessons such as being the member of a TEAM, being a leader, honesty, fairness, responsibility, and handling adversity.  We will take every opportunity to instill these into our players, as we believe they are important concepts that will go a long way in developing quality individuals.